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Play 1. Sam the Space Delivery Man.

Written by ASmith, Directed by EWatson, Produced by Skin of our Teeth Productions – June 2019

Sam the Space Delivery Man Cast and Writer

June 1st was the recording day for Sam the Space Delivery Man, a children’s book, directed by Emma Watson. A collaborative Radio Play project with the GGCI, Skin of Our Teeth Productions and the City of Greater Geelong and it was great! Scott Beaton, Fred Preston, Wendy Robinson,  Adam Gilding, Madeleine Swain and the Writer Al Smith all showed up to see this little play/ children’s book/radio experiment that could! We also had special guests Artistic Director of Skin of our Teeth Productions (SOOT) Chris Davey and GGCI committee member Vanessa Roadley along for the ride! And it was super! So now, the hard work of our actors is done -with thanks! and it’s now over to our team of sound engineers and technicians led today by Travis Dom from Don’t Poke the Bear Studios in partnership with Oxygen College in Geelong West to complete the process. Keep your ears peeled for this awesome adventure that moves into part two of production – sound development.

Its a Wrap!

Play 2 – The Machine Stops

– Written by EM Forster, Adapted by EWatson, Directed by RO’Connor, produced by Someone New Theatre – June 2019

In conjunction with the GGCI and the City of Greater Geelong, the Someone New Theatre Company today laid down their radio play track for this project. Recorded at Don’t Poke the Bear Studios with lead Sound Engineer expertise provided by Travis Dom. What a fantastic achievement by the whole cast on a truly unique and poignant play for the now performed by some of Geelong’s finest youth actors..Congratulations to all and keep your ears peeled for ‘The Machine Stops’ written by EMForster, adapted by EWatson.

In the Studio, making the magic!

Play 3  – Between Sleeps

– Written by Ryan O’Connor, Directed by Joanne Lusty and Produced by Someone New Theatre company – 21st September 2019

On Saturday 21st September the cast and crew from Someone New Theatre Company again made their way to Don’t Poke the Bear Studios in Geelong West to record Between Sleeps – written by Someone New Theatre Partner Director – Ryan O’Connor and directed by Jo Lusty. Megan Ellis as Fariah Adam Guilding as Monty Anna Faye as Gwen Ryan O’Connor as Flyte and Wendy Robinson as VAC. This sci-fi adventure poses questions about life on a long haul space station looking to settle on other planets. The mission has life and love as we know it, are there aliens among us! The recording is now off on its next adventure into post production with our award winning sound engineer Travis Dom at the herald. We can’t wait to hear the final product!

Play 4 – Sam the Space Delivery Man 2.

Written by ASmith, Directed by EWatson, Produced by Skin of our Teeth Productions – November 2nd 2019

Play 5+6 – Queen of the Mist and The Big Yellow Ball

– Written and directed by Christine Davey, Produced by Skin of out Teeth Productions – January 2020

Solo Reading – The Big Yellow Ball – written by Christine Davey, Produced by Skin of our Teeth Productions – January 2020

Play 7, 8, 9 – A Space called home – 3 episodes

Written by Adam Gilding and Chris Gunning.

Play 10 – My Brilliant Career

What a thrill! Yesterday we recorded MY BRILLIANT CAREER as a radio play thanks to Greater Geelong Creative Inc, the City of Greater Geelong and Don’t Poke the Bear studios. A wonderful day and so exciting to see the stage play transformed. Huge thanks to the fab cast and crew. This project began as two rehearsed readings, then went to full production, then to publication and now to a radio version. We’ve got more exciting news about MY BRILLIANT CAREER to share with you this week – but in the meantime, enjoy our cast in the studio doing the fabulousness!